Canine von Willebrand Disease


Canine von Willebrand's Disease is an inherited deficiency in one of the clotting factors of the blood. It is similar to haemophilia in some respects, but may appear in either male or female. "Carriers" may show no overt symptoms of the disease, but their progeny can have severe bleeding problems. Dogs affected with vWD may have symptoms varying from very mild to severe or lethal. These bleeding problems include prolonged bleeding from toenails cut too short, hemorrhage from even minor surgical procedures, lameness, hematomas, stillbirths or early death of newborn puppies, intestinal bleeding, and so on. The bleeding primarily involves mucosal surfaces (gastrointestinal tract, nose- bleeds, blood in the urine, vaginal or penile bleeding) and is aggravated by stress situations (other physiological, pathological, emotional or hormonal conditions).



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