Christmas Parade 2006


WOW, what a success this parade was.


The Chesapeake people welcomed us and our dogs with overwhelming friendliness and joy. Many people enjoyed seeing us doing tricks, obedience work and all of them loved to pet our well behaved Dobes. Yes, our dogs were awesome and tolerated all the noises, commotion and petting hands.

This year we had 10 dog/handler teams, 7 dogs that had never done a parade before and we are especially proud of them. :o)

These were the new dogs:

Bleu & Grace, Bonnie & Mike, Duke & Gary, Heady & Silke, Jazzie & Michael, Pronto & Allison, Tilly & Priscilla,

And our experienced teams ware:

Kasey & Donna, Kelly & Vicky, Storm & Beverley


This is a short extract from the local TV station

Watch the Clip here

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The Parade
The short movie shows a part of a TV broadcast from Channel 48 Chesapeake, were they introduced  the Cavalier Doberman Pinscher Club.

The Princesses
This clip shows what one beauty princess thought about our dogs.

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