Christmas Parade 2008




Our 2008 Chesapeake Christmas Parade was great!!!!

There were 8 Dobermanís in the Parade ranging from ages 9 months to 6.5 years!
The Dobes participating at this yearís parade were:

Pronto & Luna, Delta, Heidi, Panzer, Bella, Blue and Storm.

The owners were Allison, Marvin, Tamara & Bill, Brad, Katie & Adam, Michele and Beverly.
A big thanks to Allison for decorating the Dobe Van and thanks to Bill for driving it. Thanks to Silke for letting us use the Van and a HUGE thanks to Tamara for plastic bags to scoop poop!!!
All the Dobes did great with the crowds and children. This was a good opportunity to demonstrate to the public the gentle nature of our Dobermans. Please mark your calendar for the 09 Christmas Parade. Look forward to seeing you there!!