Awards Dinner
Our 2008 Annual Awards Dinner was again at Steinhilber’s.


We had a great time and had several members as well as guests in attendance.


Members were: Dody, Robert, Vicky, Annie, Catherin, Eliot, Annie, Michele, Beverly, Sam, Cat, Mike, Priscilla and Silke


Guests were: Billy, Adolf, Brant, Tamara, Billy and Cindy



Title Award:

“J” - Highland's Mountain Express for MX, MXJ, NF, AX, CD, BH, SchH1




“Delta” - Delta Dawn Of Westlake


STAR Puppy & UKC - Best Novice Puppy's

“Axel” - San Rafael's Where Eagles Dare

STAR Puppy

“Bell” - Old Drum's Bella Angelo
“Ramon”- San Rafael’s The Great Escape for
“Panzer” - White’s Protector Panzer

We are looking forward to lots of awards and achievements for 2009…

Happy Training!


         Silke Satzinger